The Importance of Pest Control in Henderson NV

Pests are a nuisance for most homeowners, but they can also cause serious health problems for families. This is why professional Pest Control in Henderson NV is important.

Whether you have one or several pests, the team at Evolve Pest Control will help you get rid of them and keep them out for good. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.


Cockroaches can cause a great deal of damage to a home. They spread a lot of germs and bacteria that can make people sick. They can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks in children.

Fortunately, Henderson NV pest control specialists can help keep your home safe from these pesky creatures. They have the knowledge and experience to effectively eliminate cockroaches from your property.

In addition to eliminating access to food sources, homeowners can take other steps to prevent cockroaches from entering their homes in the first place. They should seal cracks and voids around foundation walls, baseboards, and behind cabinets; clean food stored on trays in tightly sealed plastic bags; and vacuum floors regularly.

They should also fix moisture-damaging issues, such as leaky pipes, hoses, and plumbing. Additionally, residents should inspect packages, deliveries, and other objects that they bring into their home for signs of cockroaches.

Bed Bugs

Pest Control in Henderson NV is essential to protect your home and family from common pests like cockroaches, ants, and rodents. These insects can carry a number of germs, bacteria, and viruses that can make you and your family sick.

Bed bugs are one of the most common household pests. They are nocturnal and feed on human blood, causing itchy bites that may be painful or even cause infection.

They are small and hard to spot, but they can cause serious problems for homeowners. It is important to contact a professional pest company as soon as you notice signs of an infestation to prevent them from spreading.

When looking for a pest control company, it is important to find a reputable, reliable company with years of experience. Ask about different types of services that they offer. This will help you determine whether or not they are a good fit for your needs and budget.


The presence of ants in your home or business can be a serious problem. These omnivores can damage your property and spread diseases that can make your family and employees sick.

Ants are social insects that form colonies with three main castes. Queens lay eggs, workers feed and care for the nest and males appear for a short period each year to mate.

Ants communicate with each other using chemicals, pheromones and touch messages transmitted through stridulations. They also use their antennae and body parts to send information about food sources or dangers.


Termites are a family of wood-eating insects that can damage your home. They feed on cellulose, which is the substance found mainly in wood, but also in paper and cotton.

There are three main types of home-invading termites: dampwood, drywood and subterranean. These species all have different preferences for what type of wood they prefer to consume and where they like to live.

If you have termites in your home, there are a few things you can do to try and control them. First, you should find out if there are any termite tunnels or tubes on the walls of your home.

They’ll usually appear on foundation walls, floor joists or other parts of your home where the termites have been able to build mud tunnels.

If you see any tubes, it’s important to break them open to determine if the termites are still active. Without knowing your inspection history, it’s hard to know when these tunnels were built or if they were abandoned or re-built after treatment.